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Artist coaching is a training program for all those who would like to strengthen and structure their artistic life.

Despite what one might think, ideas on their own are worthless. Everyone can say “I’d like to do this, I’d like to do that”.
Or “One day I’ll start this project”, or “I’ve got a great idea”, etc. But few know how to put their ideas in practice. And time flies mercilessly.
And procrastination seems to be the disease of the 21st century.

But… what if procrastination was only a symptom of a bad methodology and a lack of self-confidence?

Many people suffer from this feeling of failure and bitterness, which inevitably happens when ideas remain ideas, and they cannot formalize them and communicate them. That’s when disappointment, disillusion, frustration and sometimes even depression come.

Other people have accumulated internships, diplomas, and post-diplomas, and are still unable to talk to a jury, a boss or an audience.
Many artists don’t know how to stray from the paths that have already been set by academic circuits, and despite their many diplomas, they still don’t know to call for sponsors, benefactors or state structures.

How can they convince others? How can they put an idea in practice? How can they be understood? How can they build self-confidence?

How can they argue in favor of a project nowadays, when everything goes fast, too fast?

How can they avoid selling out their ideas to seduce an audience, or avoid dumbing their discourse down to be understood by everyone?

The key is communication. How and when should they communicate? Which tools should they use?

This question goes even deeper.
Despite the overload of emitted and transmitted information, many people keep to themselves, no longer able to use a specific word for a feeling or an emotion that they do feel strongly.

The modern world is violent, destructive. How can people express themselves without the fear of being mocked? How can they relax while still being themselves? These days, a lot of communication is done through emojis: emotional simplifiers. How can people express what they feel in an authentic manner?

Many people can no longer transmit what they feel. From that comes a feeling of isolation within oneself, one’s relationship, one’s family, one’s own group of friends or coworkers. They feel anonymous.

However, for other people, words are not enough to describe a feeling or to make others understand their emotions.

Then, artistic creation can turn out to be a necessary tool to express the states of consciousness. Artistic creation as therapy for expression!

To answer all these questions, Artist coaching offers:
- a series of free videos, to expose the conceptual bases of art in the 21st century;
- training (without a limit on subscription) through recorded videos;
- individual classes, with maximum 10 members, in person or long distance;
- intensive internships (in person) as collective classes with 3 or 5 people maximum being present in the same room.