I was born in 1971, in Italy. I was trained in creation and pedagogy by great masters. [detailed biography]
International media describe me as one of the most representative artists of my generation. [press]

I believe in active psychology as well as the philosophy of action. I was trained in language psychology and cognitive sciences by communication experts. For 14 years, I worked in important institutions [IRCAM in Paris and Centro Tempo Reale in Florence], where I was tasked with creating artistic and pedagogical projects, to train teams of teachers, and to find the financing necessary for these activities. In Italy, I was raising funds with 4 banking foundations for 7 years: Monte dei Paschi in Siena, Unicredit in Milan, Cassa di Risparmio in Florence and Banca Nazionale del Lavoro in Rome. For 3 years, I was a consultant on advertisement company RCS-Pubblicità in Milan, where in addition to the analysis and the feasibility of artistic projects, I was tasked with training the team of executives in artistic expression. In France, I worked as a consultant for artistic projects involving new technologies for the HAVAS group, working both with their teams in Paris and in Shanghai.

My artistic work has raised the interest of great sponsors and benefactors such as HermèsSamsung and Chanel, for which I’ve made artistic and photographic works. Camille Fournet - Paris has been a sponsor for all of my works between 2015 to 2018. Since 1997, the Ministry of Culture has been sponsoring some of my works, and in 2013, Minister of Culture and Communication, Mrs Aurélie Filippetti named me Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, at the suggestion of Minister of Economy, Mr Pierre Moscovici. In 2015, the Ministry of Culture asked me to design and direct a pilot program for Artistic and Cultural Education. [Ariane# in French]

My work has been carried out with the help of state institutions [Italy and France] as well as private institutions [Italy, France, China, Japan and USA]. In 25 years I have trained over forty artists who today live from their work.